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Our goal is to shoot an image of everyone at the events that we shoot!

Didn't find your photo? iShotU doesn't use a bib search tool! It is extremely time consuming to tag every image as well as, many times a bib serch tool can be inacurate. Our galleries are typically organized into 500 or less images and flipping/scrolling to find them takes only a moment.

iShotU does offer a MANUAL search so you can be sure your image is found. We charge a $1 fee for this service. You will receive an email with photo link(s) of your photo(s).

If you purchase your photo(s) iShotU will refund your $1 photo finding fee. If we cannot find your photo you will be refunded the $1 photo finding fee.

---> Allow 24 to 48 hours for iShotU to send your photo search results.

Provide iShotU with as much information as possible!

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